Key West "Do It All" Snorkeling

11 Watersports in one trip " Guaranteed to Wear You Out"

Reef Snorkeling

Key West Do It All Snorkeling Snorkel

Grilled Lunch

Free Grilled Lunch

Free Beer

Free Beer for your trip back in

Free Instruction

Free Snorkeling Instruction

"DO IT ALL" All Day Water Adventure


Snorkel a Shallow Water Shipwreck

10 Watersports in one trip " Guaranteed to Wear You Out"




6 Hour trip 10 am to 4 PM




Do It All with Parasail $169 on line price only $149


Child under 12 $89, Infant under 5 free




The Best Watersports Trip in Key West

This is the ultimate watersports adventure!!!



11 Watersports

Play on all the water toys

Jetski, Snorkeling, Banana boat Rides, Kayaks

Inflatable slide,Iceberg climbing wall,
Paddle boats, Rafts, Knee Board,
Hydro Bikes, Water Trampoline


Snorkel the waters around Key West

Key West Eco Snorkeling Tour


Snorkel a Shallow water shipwreck

when you go out on the party cat for the

DO IT ALL watersports adventure




Grilled Lunch

Free Grilled Lunch

The Key West Back Country

Enjoy a free Grilled Lunch of:
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, 

Hot Dogs,  Chicken Nuggets, 

Assortment of veggies with Dipping tray, 

French Fries Soft Drinks and water

Free Beer

Enjoy a cold beer on your return cruise

Free Beer after Snorkeling


Once you finish with the water toys,
You can enjoy Free beer
for your trip back in.




Boaters License

You must have a FL Boaters License

We offer boaters safety courses

If you were born on or after January 1st, 1988
and at least 18 years of age you
must take a Florida Boaters Safety test.
to drive waverunners

You can take the test on line at Click Here

you can take the test on-line for $9.99
and you can take it as many times as you want 

and the license is good for 1 year.


 We offer this 15 minute exam 

1 hour before each tour 

for $3.00 license is good for one year



click here for state regulations


Free Instruction

Never Snorkeled No Problem

What to bring for snorkeling

Never Snorkeled before

No Problem

We will give you professional

Snorkel instruction Free